Town Government


The current Mayor of Taylorsville is Rosalyn Glenn—Taylorsville’s first elected woman mayor, now serving her second term of offfice.

The town of Taylorsville is governed by the Mayor, and an elected Board of Aldermen.  Elections are held every four years, and open board meetings are held on the first Thursday after the first Tuesday of every month.  Elections were last held in June of 2013, and the new town officials were sworn in by Justice Court Judge Hulon West in July 2013.  The current Mayor and Board of Aldermen will serve the town until 2017.

Taylorsville Mayor and board of aldermen are sworn in by Judge Hulon West

Board of Aldermen  Larry Moffett, Dennis Robinson, Arthur Shelby, Ray Lancaster, Janette Brewer, Mayor Rosalyn Glenn, Judge Hulon West