Adult Education

Taylorsville is fortunate and pleased to provide a location for the Adult Education Center for Smith County. We want everyone to know about this learning center and the benefits it can provide. With the industry and business in Taylorsville and Smith County, we can help people prepare themselves for jobs and promotions by helping them learn the skills needed for employment and if needed to get their GED.

A degree from Jones Jr. College can be obtained at the learning center. For all the benefits of Adult Education available at the center call Merry Beth Tigert at 601-785-6602 .

GED testing is now offered in Taylorsville! Registration is offered at the Smith County Adult Education Center, which serves as the JCJC Adult Education classes’ location. Interested individuals should call 601-785-6602 either Mondays or Tuesdays for the registration schedule.

Adult education classes are for persons not 0f compulsory school age who are committed to building their skills in reading, math, and/or language. Improvement in these skills is an asset to anyone seeking a better job or just wanting to learn. Adequate skill levels are essential for successful GED Testing. The cost of the complete battery of 5 tests is $40; each individual subject-area test is $12.

Adults have a lot of knowledge beyond what they learned in school. Classes are designed to help them build on and expand that knowledge. Students use computers without fear, working through interactive lessons in various subject areas. They gain understanding through the use of videos, hands-on activities, class discussions, and assigned reading passages. Periodic testing tracks the progress of their academic achievement and attainment of educational goals.

Specific preparation is provided for people preparing to take the GED Test. Assignments target the students’ areas of weakness as indicated by the TABE Test administered early on in the class. After demonstrating educational gain, students can take multiple Official GED Practice tests to better prepare for the GED Test.

Classes meet Mondays and Tuesdays in the Smith County Adult Education Center / Summerland Voting Precinct Building, also known as the old National Guard Armory (HWY 28 E of Taylorsville).

Classes are free of charge, as are the Official GED Practice Tests.

The class schedule is as follows:

Morning — 8:00 – Noon
Afternoon — 2:00 – 5:00
Evening – 5:00 – 8:00


For more information or to schedule a time to register for class, call Merry Beth Tigert at 601-785-6602, Mondays or Tuesdays. Emails are also welcome at

Smith County Adult Education Center
1208 Hwy 28 E Taylorsville, MS 39168
601-785-6602 (Monday-Tuesday)


ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAMS are administered by STATE BOARD for Community and Junior Colleges. Jones County Junior College, in partnership with the town of Taylorsville provides this valuable service for the people of Smith County.

Jones provides instructors for the adult learning center in Smith County while the town of Taylorsville provides the building facility. Recently The Twin Districts Workforce Investment Board joined the partnership by donating $30,000 to the Smith County center in Taylorsville. Upgraded furnishings and equipment were purchased with the money to provide Smith County residents with a higher quality of service.

This valuable educational resource allows Smith County residents to develop and enrich basic skills for GED and other skills needed to gain employment opportunities and promotion.

Students at the Smith County Adult Education Center located at the the old National Guard Armory on Highway 28 East in Taylorsville receive individualized instruction to meet their own needs. This means a student who is skilled in English but needs to develop better math skills can receive the extra help needed to give him the kind of help needed. On site instructor for basic skills adult education is Merry Beth Tigert, adult education Basic Skills instructor. Merry Beth can be reached Mon and Tues from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm at 601-785-6602.

Enrollment at the center continues to increase as citizens become aware of the services provided.Among available classes are GED preparation, work skills upgrades, and pre-employment preparation. Visit JCJC’s website for more information on adult education, lifelong learning classes and continuing education presented by JCJC at the college and/or as extension classes.