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Smith County Schools Weather Update

**From the Smith County School District Website**
All Smith County Schools will close early at 1:00pm on Tuesday, August 28.
Schools will remain close on Wednesday, August 29.
Weather permitting, classes will resume on Thursday, August 30.

Stay tuned to your local tv/radio stations for more information.

August Mayor’s Message

Everyone is concerned about the recent increase in the number of cases of West Nile in Mississippi. The peak months of activity are typically July, August and September. This year the town, in addition to truck spraying, has purchased pellets to be placed in ditches and areas with standing water.

Everyone needs to look around their home or business for possible breeding grounds for mosquito larvae. You need to check children’s swimming pools, birdbaths, flower pots with saucers, buckets, tires or anything that holds water. Also, keep your grass cut, shrubs trimmed and trash picked up. This is a good time to help your neighbor clean-up around their home or business.

As responsible individuals, you can protect yourselves by using caution.

You need to wear long sleeve pants and shirts when outside. In the evenings and mornings are the most active times for mosquitoes. Also, wear a spray repellent that contains DEET. The Mississippi State Department of Health has a website with information at:

The Chamber of Commerce will meet September 4, 2012 at 6 P.M.  at the Town Hall. Please come support your chamber and get involved with your community.

Rosalyn Glenn, Mayor

Yard of the Month


The Taylorsville Garden Club has chosen Mrs. Buddy (Yank) Weathersby’s yard for the month of August.  Yank does most of the yard work herself and takes great pride in her yard.  It is landscaped with foundation shrubs and monkey grass. 

yard of the month 001