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The Taylorsville Rotary met on Thursday, January 19th at the fire station.  This meeting  "Preparing for Natural Disasters"  was presented by the American Red Cross.  The guest speakers were introduced by Red Cross volunteer Larry Robinson.   

Be Red Cross Ready  -  

  1. Get a kit
  2. Make a plan
  3. Be informed

An emergency  kit should contain -

  1. water
  2. food
  3. flashlight
  4. battery powered radio
  5. extra batteries
  6. medications
  7. extra cash

Choose two  places to meet :  Right outside your home in case of a sudden emergency such as a fire, and outside your neighborhood, in case you cannot return home or ask to evacuate.  Learn what disasters or emergencies may occur in your area.   For complete information on disaster and emergency preparedness, visit

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Rotary members, Bro. Stan Lobin, John Shoemaker, Noble Hurdle,Trenny Walley, Charlie Ware, Ron McMorris, Larry Robinson, Allen Powell, Frank McGill, Darrell Temple, Bill Bassett, Bucky Walker, President of the Taylorsville Rotary Club.  Guest speakers Ms. Beth Henson , Community Response Coordinator, and Ms. Jackie McCullum Branch Office Coordinator from the American Red Cross of Mississippi.  

Mayor’s Message

Our meeting was held on January 5, 2012 at 6:00 P.M. I called the meeting to order and Alderman Ray
Lancaster gave the invocation. The minutes were approved from last month’s meeting.  The claims
docket and the misc. claims docket were approved.

Our grills for the pavilion have been delivered but we are still in need of one more donation. The
Taylorsville Rotary Club purchased a grill this past Thursday.  Anyone wishing to use the grills must
contact the Town Hall.  A new “Stop” sign will be installed on Central Street and Forrest Street. You need to
be aware of the additional sign and remember to come to a complete stop.  The remaining street signs
will be installed this month, also.

Rosalyn Glenn

Mayor of Taylorsville

From Mayor Rosalyn Glenn

December was a very busy month with parties and programs to attend, shopping for that special gift, and spending time with family and friends. It was also a time of reflection. What have we accomplished and what do we need to do in the future.

retireTwo town employees from the water department are retiring this year.  Mr. Douglas Keyes after 30 years and Mr. David Barnett after eleven years.

(Pictured left to right:  Robert D. Stringer – Water Superintendent, David L. Barnett – 11 years, Douglas Keyes – 30 years, and Mayor Rosalyn Glenn)

We received an Energy Grant that helped the police department, library and the educational building with lights, insulation, and thermostats.

An emergency grant was requested for $95,000 to replace a manhole and sewer lines on Nix Drive.

A historical marker was placed at the Watkins Museum which was purchased through a grant. We are extending the completion date until March 2012.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Gotta Go!

Gotta Go Café is now open for business in Taylorsville!


“Serving breakfast and lunch from 5AM – 2PM, we would appreciate your business!  We are excited to serve!” 

The café can be reached by dialing 601-785-4240.  Local owners are Wesley and Stephanie Hall, and Steve and Tiffany Luckey.


(Pictured left to right: Darrell Temple, Ray Lancaster, Vickie Duran, Karen Warren, Diane Thompson, Rosalyn Glenn,Stephanie Hall, Steve Luckey,Tanner Luckey, Tiffany Luckey, Hilda Powell and Newt Ishee)